Preserving Memories for a Lifetime

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Field Care

Proper Field is the first step in making sure you have a quality mount! 

-Always make sure your trophy is properly tagged and legal.
-Try not to ever drag your trophy or damage the hide in any    way. 

Shoulder Mount (see the diagram)

  1. Cut the hide circling the body behind the shoulder approximately 6 inches behind the shoulder. (figure 2A)
  2. Cut the front legs around the knees.  (figure 2A)
  3. Now connect the knee cuts to the body cut.  (figure 2B)
  4. These 5 cuts described above are the only ones necessary.
  5. Carefully skin your trophy up the neck to approximately 3 inches below the base of the neck.  Do your best to not create holes in the hide that will need to be repaired.  (Figure 3)
  6. With the hide pulled down over the head, cut around the neck down to the neck bone and detach the head from the neck.  You should be able to twist the head, breaking the neck bone.  It might be necessary to use loppers or a hand saw.   (Figure 3)
  7. If possible, take your trophy to the taxidermist immediately.  If that is not possible, pat it down with a dry cloth and place it in a trash bag and freeze it until you can. 

Small Mammals (Coyote sized and smaller)

  1. Do not gut or skin the animal.
  2. If it not possible to bring it to your taxidermist immediately, let carcass cool and place it in a plastic bag and freeze it.


  1. Do not gut the bird.
  2. Rinse off blood and pat dry with a cloth.
  3. Bring it to the taxidermist immediately or place it in a plastic bag and freeze it until you can.        
  4. Be sure not to bend or break tail or wing feathers. 

Trophy Care

Taking Care of your trophy once it’s finally home will insure it will last a life time.

-Placement of your trophy once it is home is very important to insure it will last a lifetime. 

  1. Hang it from a stud.  If you trophy is not securely fastened to the wall, it will eventually be on the floor and damaged needing costly repairs.
  2. Make sure it’s in an area with low humidity.  Never above a fish tank or in the garage.
  3. Dust often.

A cotton ball and Windex are great for keeping the eyes and nose nice and shiny.